The guard patrol system is the ideal solution for companies to track employees whose work duties require moving from place to place, such as security guard patrolling, policeman patrolling, remote inspection, nurse rounds, etc.

The typical scenario is shown in following figure,

Place the checkpoints on the key locations of the patrol route. During the patrol, the security guards use the guard patrol reader that he/she carries to read his/her personal RFID tag (optional) and then read the RFID tag of checkpoints in the order of the routes. The guard patrol reader automatically saves the checkpoint information with timestamp as a patrol record. After patrolling, the security guards use the USB cable to transfer the patrol records in the guard patrol reader to the guard patrol system regularly. The guard patrol system compares the pre-set patrol plan with the actual patrol records and then can obtain statistical reports such as patrol missed and missed points. These reports can reflect the actual completion of the patrol results.

The solution contains three key products and one optional product, they are
1. Guard patrol reader: RFID reader, model: G100
2. Checkpoint or location RFID tag: passive RFID tag to identify the checkpoint
3. Guard patrol system: Windows based software, and optional
4. Personnel RFID tag: passive RFID tag to identify the user

Guard Patrol Reader

 Material Plastic + Rubber
Alert Vibration and luminescence (LCD)
Record capacity 40,000
Communication Magnetic/drive-free USB2.0 full speed
Battery 1800 mAh
Charging Time 2-3 hours
Stand-by More than 1 month
Low Battery Alarm Power reminder
Protection Grade IP68
Size 48.7 mm x 26.5 mm x 150 mm
Weight 222 g ± 4 g
Brightness 400 Lumens

Checkpoint / Location RFID Tag

Model No.: ID-EM-10
Size: 70mm x 32mm x 8mm
Temperature: -25℃~65℃
Material: Engineering plastic polycarbonate
Frequency: 125 KHz
The round holes on both sides can be fixed on the wall with 6mm screws, and the tag is encapsulated with epoxy engineering resin, which is time-resistant, anti-corrosion and suitable for harsh environment.

Personnel RFID Tag 

Model No.:ID-EM-P2
Frequency:125 KHz
Size:50mm x 35mm
The personnel RFID tag is used to identify the person who are on duty and conduct the patrol. If the team has more than one person on duty and patrol on the same route, the personnel RFID tag is useful to record the person, the checkpoints as well as the patrol time.

Guard Patrol System

Guard patrol system is a Windows based software and used for management of guard patrol devices including guard patrol reader, checkpoint/location RFID tag and personnel RFID tag. The basic functions include,
1. Department management
2. Account access role management
3. Map management
4. Guard patrol management
5. Checkpoint management
6. Router management
7. Plan management
8. Data query and report

The process of guard patrol operation is as follows,
1. Installing patrolling checkpoint
2. Begin to patrol
3. Upload data and
4. Check the report

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