What Bravox can deliver? 

If you are planning to build a new command centre, control room, data room or revamp the old one, Bravox has gotten you covered.

For the centralized control infrastructures, from design to build, we address essential requirements for monitoring, control, communication, collaboration and report. Our experienced team understands all the operation requirements you may require and we ensure our tailored solution provides you with the most efficient and cost-effective facilities to drive your business.

The followings are the key elements that Bravox can deliver.

  1. Video wall solution
  2. IP base KVM or Fibre based KVM switching system
  3. Intelligent Video Surveillance (IVS) and Video Analytics (VA) system
  4. Physical Security Information Management  (PSIM) system
  5. Integrated Communication Platform (ICP)
  6. Ergonomic solutions for HSE including raised floor, console desks and chairs, lighting, sound and visualization.

The systems we proposed and delivered are not independent. Instead, they cross-link to each other, which is key advantage of our solution. One example is, we don’t use traditional video wall processor, instead, we connect the video wall through KVM network. With this design, we don’t rely on video splitter to split the content from workstation into operator’s monitor and video wall. It eliminate the risk of single point of failure of the splitter and overall failure of video wall processor. Contents of every operator’s workstation can be easily push to video wall and/or another console monitor without the need of preconfigured layout design. Another example is, when any emergency signal is triggered, either from the PSIM system such as fire alarm or from ICP such as emergency intercom, the relevant control system such as predefined fire panel controller or live video from predefined CCTV camera will be popup and displayed on video wall, and the alarm system in the control centre will be trigger concurrently. With this design, centralized command and control comes true.

Design: Our core team is small but comprises highly-experience specialists with in-depth design skills and knowledge to deliver tailored design for projects of any scale and complexity. 

In the design of command centres, we address essential requirements for control, collaboration, communication and visualisation.

The object of the design is to find out the possibility and feasibility to integrate various systems so as to enhance the operational effectiveness and convenience.

Build: We have established a long-term relationship with our international/regional partners by leveraging on each other’s strength to provide a whole suite of services. 

We can be the main contractor to deliver the turn-key command centre project. With in-depth understanding of the technical specifications, our team will cater to every detail. By managing and coordinating all the partners, we can optimise the costs and improve the efficiency so as to reduce the risk of multi-party management.

Operate: As some customers want to have the command centre facilities or functional blocks but don’t want to have the operation team, we are in the picture.

Our experience and expertise enable us to provide the operational support service and ensure the uptime and availability. 

Incorporating with AI based solution, we simplify the operation complexity, enhance the informational awareness and enable fast and effective responses to different situation.

Maintain: We provide both comprehensive maintenance or non-comprehensive maintenance support for your mission critical facilities based on service level agreement.

Our standard levels of support include,
1. 24 x 7 x 2 : 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, onsite support within 2 hours
2. 24 x 7 x 4 : 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, onsite support within 4 hours
3. 8 x 5 x 4 : 8 working hours a day, 5 working days a week, onsite support within 4 hours
4. 8 x 5 x NBD : 8 working hours a day, 5 working days a week, onsite support on next business day

Videowall Screen

Videowall in command centre provides the versatile way to visualise and monitor multiple data/video source and inputs simultaneously. Based on customer’s purpose and real environment, we will propose the videowall with different technology.

The videowall solution we propose provides better view with reliable uptime, as well as quick sharing by integrating with our distributed IP videowall processor with iPad application controller. Event driven screen popup enables fast response to any emergency case.

Basically, the videowall solution we can provide includes,

  1. Videowall based on Splice LCD (SLCD) panel
  2. Videowall based on LED cabinet

Video Processor 

Traditionally, we use videowall matrix and videowall processor to manage the display content. Firstly, this request the video source have multiple video outputs for different display purpose, typically for operator console monitor and for videowall. Although today’s graphic card supports multiple outputs, video splitter is still widely used to duplicated content as the graphic card will be used n-view purpose. Secondly, the videowall display layout need pre-design and preset to the videowall matrix. If any changes made to the display layout, re-design and reconfiguration are required.

With the videowall control over IP,  we can simplify the audio and video system architecture and convert audio and video signals into data for transmission over IP network. This dramatically reduces the requirement of long A/V cables and avoid the signal attenuation caused by long A/V cable. Instead, the A/V signal transmission over IP network has no limitation of distance, which enables the remote mirror as the backup command centre. All A/V sources are available on IP network for iPad or Windows control application to manage. Operator is able to push any A/V source to videowall by performing drag and put action. And any desired layout can be easily saved as preset by  this control application. No additional design and configuration required.

SLCD Panel Based Videowall

Bezel-less SLCD panels (minimal gap) or ultra-narrow bezel (from 1.8mm to 3.5mm) LCD panels.

Advantage: Lower initial investment, easy installation.

LED Cabinet based Videowall

High resolution direct view LED panels in different fine pixel pitches.

Advantage: modular design, seamless viewing, flawless image quality, low maintenance cost


KVAM over IP technology extends Keyboard, Video, Audio and Mouse (KVAM) signals from any nodes such as server, workstation, computer or computer based appliance over TCP/IP network including LAN, MAN or WAN (Internet). Through KVAM over IP, operators are able to remotely access and control all the nodes concurrently no matter where they are. Operators can switch instantly between different nodes and conduct multiple functions as needed without delay.

With KVAM over IP, customer can have the following benefits

1. Remotely access nodes anywhere

Operators can take control of all remote nodes.

2. System flexibility

With simple network connection, the system can be designed flexibly without considering the location or the limitation of video or audio cables. However it can be designed based applications.

3. System scalability

The number of nodes which can be connected to system is unlimited. So does the operators. Customer does not need to worry about how to size the whole system. Instead, the initial investment of the system can be kept at minimal. And adding on new nodes to the system doesn’t need to change the existing infrastructure.

4. Realtime low latency streaming

Streaming HD audio and video is at low latency and consumes minimum bandwidth without compromising the quality.

5. Multiple sites centralized management

Multiple sites can be centralized into one location for management. Setting up a backup site just need the network connection and duplicate the operator side KVMA receivers.

6. Multiple system integration

KVMA over IP extends its coverage on videowall display and control. It can also be integrated with fire alarm, intercom, PA and various IOT platform to provide the remote alarm notification.

KVAM over Fibre

For mission critical applications, when information security and response time are top priority, we recommend KVAM over Fiber solution.

The signals transmitted via the fiber optical system is unidirectional hence they are isolated physically and remotely to ensure the security of different network domains.

Operators only have the access at the presentation layer and are separated from the backend system.

With KVAM over Fibre, customer can have the following benefits,

1. Data security

The control signals are transmitted via a dedicated cable.

2. Multi-level access

The system support different access levels based on operators roles.

3. No compression or delay

Transmission of data and KVAM signals is over fiber without compression and delay.

4. Single keyboard and mouse with multiple control

With a single keyboard and mouse, operator can control multiple nodes simultaneously. Mouse cursor can be moved freely across different monitors of each node.

5. System lock

The system support screen lock to disable source switching when operator needs to focus on a specific node.

While traditional video surveillance systems are limited to a simple on and off switch, resulting in thousands of hours of fuzzy and useless video and making effective surveillance, criminal detection, identification and monitoring nearly impossible, intelligent video surveillance system together with video analytics provides the following features,

  1. HD picture quality for both day view and night view, triggered by motion sensors, hence the system will not record anything if nothing happens at the location.
  2. Moving object will be detected and recorded
  3. Initiation of video recording, alarms, alerts or other actions
  4. Automatic audio and visual detection of suspicious activity with alarm triggering
  5. People counting
  6. Detection of camera tampering
  7. Vehicle license plate recognition
  8. Smart searching to display only the key events within a specific time frame.

Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) system is a software platform that integrates multiple non-connected security systems, controlling and monitoring them by an extensive user interface. Operators can detect incidences registered by various security and information systems and to resolve them with approved SOPs (standard Operating Procedure)

Today, a PSIM system not only connects to security sub systems, but also offer the possibility for a domain encompassing integration of the complete ICT infrastructure,  And it also provides NBI (Northbound Interface) to higher-tier mission control systems.

Our solution integrates hazard alert system, intelligent video surveillance, access control, perimeter protection, communication (such as PA and intercom) and evacuation system, with the following key features,

  1. Unified platform: providing comprehensive control while minimizing input devices
  2. Security and Stability: redundancy design
  3. Scalability: flexibly extend anytime for future modules and interfaces
  4. Interoperability: open interfaces to collaborate with external systems such as ticking, incident management, etc.
  5. Logs and reports: detailed logs and reports

Integrated Communication Platform shall include,

  1. Communication backbone
  2. Intelligent video surveillance network
  3. IP based telephony network
  4. IP based intercom network
  5. Network for IOT sensors
  6. IP based access control system network
  7. IP based public addressing network
  8. Centralized network management system

In compliance with ISO 11064, our solution takes into consideration adequate working conditions with regard to safety, health and wellbeing of operators.

Specifically, control center layout, lightings, sounds, videowall brightness and view angles, console desk and chairs as well as raised floor are the key components for ergonomic design consideration.