We provide an integrated ICT based solutions for commercial and residential estates, this allows all sub-systems such as video surveillance, IP telephony, intercom, public address and carpark access systems to be fully integrated and easily managed. Real-time monitoring is thus made possible with the video surveillance linked back through network to video management service, allowing viewing through video wall, LCD/LED display or mobile devices. Our solutions also include digital signage for public displays, retail stores or at sport venues etc., with marketing messages and updated information projected in real-time.

All IP cameras will be linked via network to NVR or Video Management Server, which enables operators to view real-time video through video wall, LCD/LED display or mobile devices, such as mobile phone or tablet.

IP Telephony

  • Can connect to telco network to make calls to land line or mobile phone.
  • AI camera can trigger call to IP video phone if any intrusion is detected.
  • Intercom is directly connected to IP telephony system, so it can trigger calls to both IP phone and mobile phone.


  • Increased efficiency
  • Ease maintenance
  • Cost effective


  •  Background music streaming
  •  Unlimited multi-zones
  •  Scability – Dynamic grouping
  •  IP plaform allows devices to be connected anywhere on the network
  •  Seamless integration to 3rd party system including building management system, CCTB, access control and IP telephony

Value Added Service – Centralised Command and Control Service

Bravox provides centralised command and control service.

The service integrates inputs and projects to all kinds of display such as console desk screen, video wall, 4K display or fusion projection.