We supported the land authority in their traffic management and monitoring with our all-in-one command center solution that allows the different ecosystem components, such as display and video wall, smart KVM, control, and IOS application to be fully integrated for intelligent monitoring.

Conventional control centre monitors 1 single input per system and per screen, and is likely to face the following challenges:

• Difficulty in communicating with each station operator

• Small and constrain workplace

• Video wall display issues, such as poor visibility due to small display size, low display resolution and     low height wall that obstructs operator’s view

At Bravox, we are able to provide an integrated unique solution for our customers. Such solutions offer them greater flexibility and benefits as follows:

• simplified solution

• modular set-up system

• seamless integration with multiple sources

• single solution for display and video wall

• greater interconnectivity between different ecosystem components

• ease of control of multiple computers through KVM, secured system with permissions configuration

• fully integrated IOS application supporting a configurable dashboard.


  • User’s personal configuration tapped to the workplace where he is logged in, this allows him to quickly access the computers/sources using his own user account.
  • Compatible with different operations and easily integrated into a single system.
  • Graphical user interface and navigation keys allow operator to operate easily and immediately after basic trainings.

  • Interconnectivity of all rooms and devices allows control and monitoring at anytime and anywhere.
  • Operator can access computers/sources seamlessly, and share/cast them to other operators or videowalls.
  • Operator can communicate with other operators simultaneously.
  • Flash disk, web camera and USB headset can be read by remote. computer over fiber.

  • Computers/sources can be isolated from workspace and stored in the server room, where they are well-protected in air-conditioned room and away from heat and noise in the office.
  • Each computer/source can be distributed up to 120 monitors simultaneously, this allows operator to control multiple computers/sources remotely at any workplace.

  • All operations will be recorded and stored in server.
  • Users are created by administrator, who has full permissions to control all the computers/sources. Each user is configured with a type of access permissions to each computer and user permissions can be duplicated for creating user group.
  • Operator can share his user permissions to others by creating a temporary password.

Value Added Service – Centralised Command and Control Service

Bravox provides centralised command and control service.

The service integrates inputs and projects to all kinds of display such as console desk screen, video wall, 4K display or fusion projection.