All-in-one solution from Bravox

We design and build multi-screen platform, integrate IP KVM solution to centralize the computer resource which brings significant savings in IT infrastructure.
It also provide the redundant system for seamless operations. With a single keyboard and mouse, it provides fast and intuitive operation of multiple systems.

Operations Control Centre

Smart City

Commericial/Residential estate





The Trading Floor!

Console, Multi-Screen, KVM, IPC, etc.


Communication and Access Control

Traditional communication and access control are two individual systems, Bravox integrates them into one system.

Integration of communication and access control system makes operation more efficient, maintenance easier and overall cost more effective.

Brands we carry and integrate

We’re not simply selling products, we constantly focus on providing our best solution!

Wherever IT matters, Bravox delivers!

You can relax knowing you’re buying from a trusted system vendor!

Bravox solutions are seamlessly compatible with most of key system vendors and bring a better experience and more choices for our valued customers.

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