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Extron has always been committed to optimizing educational systems. Every day, countless primary and secondary schools, as well as higher education institutions worldwide, utilize Extron audiovisual products to enhance the educational experience through the robust capabilities of multimedia. Extron’s educational audiovisual systems offer clear imagery, sound, straightforward control, and unwavering reliability. We continuously gather feedback from educators with the aim of designing the finest audiovisual tools to assist teachers in delivering more engaging and dynamic lessons, aiding students in absorbing and mastering their studies, and enabling administrators to manage campus affairs with greater time efficiency and effectiveness.

Extron boasts a wide range of customized products to meet the precise needs of educators, making us your most valuable partner on the path to achieving academic excellence.

Learning Space

Educators are well aware of the importance of multimedia applications in the classroom and are willing to integrate each wave of multimedia technology developments into the field of education. From the days of slides and overhead projectors to the latest in networked 4K video and surround sound audio, multimedia instruction leverages the brain’s ability to combine language and visual information, enabling students to receive and comprehend knowledge at a deeper level. In today’s digital age, students are more inclined to access information electronically. This means that multimedia audiovisual tools for teaching are more appealing than ever before to educators, from primary and secondary schools to universities. Educational professionals place a great deal of trust in Extron’s top-tier audiovisual technology offerings, such as our flagship products, PoleVault and WallVault digital switching and control systems, to ensure the simple, clear, and reliable transmission of multimedia content to students.

University lecture halls are the ideal venues for hosting popular courses that attract a large number of students. The tiered seating in these lecture halls ensures that everyone has a clear view of the podium, ensuring the undivided attention of a sizable audience on the instructor or audiovisual presentation content. In order to ensure that those seated in the back rows can also see and hear the instructor clearly, these rooms employ audiovisual systems for voice amplification and projection of teaching materials onto large screens. This is where Extron comes in. We offer a variety of solutions, including audio amplification, audiovisual switching and distribution, control systems, as well as lecture capture and audiovisual system resource management. Extron products are meticulously designed, delivering highly reliable and user-friendly systems, while providing exceptional audio and video quality that enhances the learning experience for students.

The content of education should align with the evolving needs of the times. Students have been taught from an early age to prioritize teamwork, allowing each other’s strengths to be fully utilized in collaboration, as this is a widely adopted working model in modern business society. In order to support this learning environment, primary and secondary schools as well as universities are continually constructing more compact meeting rooms and collaborative spaces where group members can come together as project teams for brainstorming, exchanging ideas, and successfully implementing assigned projects.

Extron offers a range of wired and wireless audiovisual collaboration solutions that allow schools to customize compact meeting rooms based on their functional needs. With just the press of a button on the Show Me cable, our TeamWork collaboration switcher helps students display laptop content. Extron ShareLink wireless collaboration gateway enables students to share content from their personal portable devices via WiFi. Even when teachers and students want to express their ideas, Extron meets the audiovisual equipment needs of compact meeting rooms.

School auditoriums, now equipped with stage lifts, special effects lighting, and sophisticated audiovisual systems, have evolved into multifunctional artistic performance venues. They are often booked for hosting school events, community activities, as well as stage talent shows and backstage craft instruction. As part of an observatory, they can double as exhibition halls, with a large-scale video wall allowing the audience to roam through a virtual galaxy. They can also serve as museums, showcasing anything from paintings to moon rocks, and displaying multimedia information on flat-panel displays. Holding events at these venues requires professional HD-SDI video and multi-channel audio production, long-distance signal distribution, and complex signal processing. Extron’s XTP and NAV twisted pair and fiber optic switching and transmission systems are perfectly suited to meet these needs, with their powerful video image resolution converters, video wall processors, and audio DSP processors making auditoriums and exhibition halls come to life with vibrant experiences.

Remote education and flipped classrooms enable students to participate in courses anytime, anywhere, whether on or off campus. Laptops, tablets, smartphones, or smart TVs can all become virtual classrooms. Through collaboration and streaming technologies, schools can provide real-time interactive teaching, allowing remote learners to watch lectures, ask questions, and participate in discussions just as if they were in the classroom with their teacher and peers.

For those who prefer to learn at their own pace and schedule, schools offer recorded courses if they can’t attend the live classes. High-speed internet has made remote learning possible. Schools use Extron SME and VN Matrix streaming encoders, SMD media players and decoders, as well as comprehensive solutions like the Extron SMP series and StudioStation classroom capture systems to record, store, and stream courses to remote learners.


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Education Audiovisual Solutions

Video and Audio Switching and Processing

Extron’s meticulously designed video and audio switching and processing equipment allows for the simple and convenient transmission of your teaching content to screens with clear and accurate images and sound. You can use our switchers to send high-resolution video and stereo/surround sound audio signals, up to 4K resolution, from sources such as laptops, Blu-ray discs, or physical displays to projectors or flat-panel displays at various distances. Our video signal processors and image resolution converters can transform and optimize input video signals to provide a wide range of video signal formats and resolutions, from consumer-grade HDMI to broadcast-grade SDI. Our audio signal processors can adjust audio characteristics to compensate for room acoustics and eliminate echo effects.

Extron’s extensive range of video and audio switching and processing products includes the PoleVault system, which provides complete video and audio functionality for single-display classrooms, as well as a full range of video image resolution converters, matrix switchers, and audio matrix processors suitable for multi-source, multi-display locations such as lecture halls, performance spaces, and libraries.

Collaboration and Streaming

The educational mode is shifting from traditional teacher-led instruction to collaborative learning, where students work in groups to solve problems, execute tasks, share facts, exchange ideas, and take action. Learning spaces equipped with audiovisual systems are allocated into multiple groups, enabling students to conveniently share content from their BYOD laptops, tablets, and smartphones for collaborative learning. Students can share content on display screens with their temporary groups, or teachers can send group’s ideas to the large screen at the front of the classroom for sharing with the entire class.

As the name suggests, Extron Teamwork and ShareLink® Pro 1100 collaboration systems are designed to meet the needs of collaborative learning. In addition to these systems, various products are available for content storage, expansion, and streaming to facilitate content sharing between collaboration spaces and remote locations.

Control Systems

The most crucial consideration in classroom technology is ease of use. Well-designed control systems ensure this requirement through intuitive user interfaces, flexible automation or manual device configurations, and robust reliability. Button-style controllers like Extron MediaLink Plus make operation incredibly simple and are suitable for general single-display classroom audiovisual systems. Their intuitive user interfaces consist of just a few backlit buttons or even a volume control knob, allowing control of multiple devices with a single press of a button. Activating audiovisual systems is as easy as turning on a light switch. Their rugged, durable construction is well-suited for the demanding use of everyday classrooms.

For more complex application environments, our TouchLink Pro touchscreen controllers, used in conjunction with IP Link Pro control processors, offer the advantage of customizable graphical user interfaces. They can achieve limitless automation control of audiovisual systems, and their vibrant color graphics and durable glass screens cater to the aesthetic needs of any environment.

Software and Management

Whether it’s a large school district with hundreds of audiovisual teaching spaces or a rural primary school with just a few single-projector classrooms, effectively managing your audiovisual resources can reduce costs and improve utilization. Extron GlobalViewer Enterprise provides centralized control, monitoring, and usage of networked audiovisual systems. It allows you to monitor the performance of audiovisual system components, provide remote support to users, and generate metrics for budgeting and maintenance planning—all from a helpdesk.

To simplify reservations for frequently used teaching spaces, schools turn to Extron room scheduling systems. Our stylish TouchLink scheduling touchscreens can directly integrate with popular scheduling apps, including Microsoft® Exchange, Google Calendar, and 25Live. With just a few clicks on the touchscreen or through a computer, tablet, or smartphone, users can book rooms on-demand or in advance. Device administrators can use the occupancy statistics provided by the system to schedule room usage accordingly. All of this can be done without any recurring fees.

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